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Ideas for developers

Link Array

This idea came to me some time ago, but I didn't find time enough to publish the description. Probably this technique was already designed by someone although I could not find anything similar looking in different source including Wikipedia. (Update: looks like Link Array is a natural descendant of Skip List invented by William Pugh)

The structure and search very simple. We have a linked list, but we organize it as an array so every item in this array keeps the pointer to the actual data (or data item itself)  and the index of the next item in the sequence. Every new element of this structure is added at the end of array (let it have a new index ni) and the item prior to this in the sequence change its index to ni and our newly added element change its index to the index of the next element in the ordered sequence.



WIdent (stands for "Where is the Identifier) is a very simple editor concept for improving code navigation. It can be applied to any programming language that operating with keywords and identifiers.